Why NorthPolls

Why NorthPolls

NorthPolls stimulates interaction with the audience and therefore adds value to business events, conferences or other meetings. The audience can participate in polls and statements, give her opinion, do an evaluation, ask questions to speakers and view the day program of the event.


What makes NorthPolls unique is its simplicity. NorthPolls does not offer all conceivable functionalities, but it does offer the most requested and most frequently used ones. This to keep it clear for everyone. NorthPolls is a means, not an end to itself.


NorthPolls is extremely easy to operate by the chairman of the day on the stage via his or her own smartphone. But can of course also be operated by someone from the event organisation who is in contact with the chairman or moderator.


And last but not least simplicity in how the audience can participate. Simply via the browser of the smartphone or tablet. No plugins, no apps. And no unnecessary buttons or text. NorthPolls is above all fun to work with!