Terms of Use

Terms of use (English)

NorthPolls identity

  • NorthPolls is an initiative by 7 Ditches TV Ltd.
  • Our address: Groot Hertoginnelaan 40, 1405 EE Bussum, The Netherlands
  • Our e-mail address: northpolls@7ditches.tv. We check our e-mail every day and will answer as soon as possible.

The service

  • NorthPolls lets your audience at an event a chance to participate interactively,
  • This means that the audience can answer polls, ask questions, or check the event schedule on their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop,
  • NorthPolls is a service that is used by you as an online service,
  • We offer a free version (with a few limitations) and paid versions,
  • NorthPolls can be used per event, or throughout the year.

Annual license

  • You will not give anyone else access to your account, transfer the account to a third party, sell the account to someone else, or otherwise commercially abuse the service,
  • The annual license is automatically renewed after one year with another year via direct debit,
  • You can cancel your license throughout the year via e-mail, the license is then terminated at the end of the current license year.

Base requirements for working with NorthPolls

  • During an event, NorthPolls is usually projected via a beamer or shown on a large screen. Make sure your beamer or screen is HD, or at least HD-ready.
  • Always test the poll types 'short text' and 'questions' option on the large screen beforehand. This will show you how many messages from your audience can fit on the screen at once.
  • The computer or laptop that is used to project NorthPolls on the screen needs to have a stable broadband internet connection.
  • NorthPolls works under the assumption that the audience has their own internet connection or WIFI access on their phone during the event. You need an internet connection to work with NorthPolls.
  • On the day of the event, NorthPolls is fully functional, based on the chosen version. The start and end time of this day is based on the Dutch time zone UTC+1.


  • Although NorthPolls has been thoroughly tested and works excellently, we cannot guarantee it will work perfectly during your event. This is due to different factors that NorthPolls has no control over. For example, the resolution of the beamer, the internet connection on location, and the quality of individual users' phones.

Not satisfied?

  • We hope it will never happen, but if you are not satisfied with the service, please contact us. We will do our very best to solve the problem.


  • You hereby absolve NorthPolls, and thus 7 Ditches TV Ltd., of any claim by you or third parties who state they have suffered damages due to the use of NorthPolls.

Additions or changes

  • These are our terms and conditions. If we plan to change any part of these conditions, you will find notification on the website.
This is a translation of the original Dutch text. This translation is for the client's convenience only. The original Dutch text will be binding and shall prevail in case of any variance between the Dutch Text and the English translation