Quick Start

Quick Start

Want to quickly get started? Here we explain briefly how NorthPolls works.
Do you want extensive information and explanations? Then please look in our manual.

1. Start your NorthPolls event

You have the choice between a light, plus or premium version of NorthPolls. The light version is for free, the plus and premium version are paid versions.

2. Enter general event settings

After you have selected your event you will enter your dashboard.
Click on your event settings and fill in all general matters such as the date and name of your event.
You can also add your logo in case of the paid version and arrange a number of other things.

3. Create your polls

Now it’s time to create your polls.
There are different types of polls, so attendees can give their opinion, share ideas or do a quiz.

4. Test your event

Now it’s time to test your event. Use a computer to act as a ‘screen on stage’ and use your mobile to take on the role of moderator. Check if a few colleagues want to ‘be the audience’ and walk through a number of polls.

5. The day of the event

And then the time has come, the day of the congress or event is there. Provide a laptop that you use to control the large screen on the stage. It is useful if you can switch between the NorthPolls laptop. If that’s not possible you can embed NorthPolls in a powerpoint or keynote presentation using LiveSlides.

6. Start event!

Make sure that the moderator (the chairman or the person who takes on this role) has access to the moderator view. Tell the audience that they can go to npgo.nl. And actually the rest is easy. After the event, you will find a complete infographic with all the information filled in and shared by the public. Good luck and have fun!